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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We went to a pirate-themed {kids} birthday party last weekend, so Eli dressed up {couldn't find anything pirate-ish for Hannah}.  Actually, when I first told him about it, Eli said he wanted to dress up as princesses instead.  You can sure tell he plays with a sister all day long!  LOL  In the end though we scrounged around and came up with this:

Eye patch: one of Hannah's elastic headbands with a scrap of black T-shirt fabric pinned to it. 
Sword: cardboard cutout wrapped in foil
Vest (inside out) and pants from wedding ensemble from when he was 2 yrs old (the vest looked better unbottoned, but he really wanted it buttoned, so it was)
Snow boots

We had a great time!  Thanks for the party, Kathy!

1 comment:

Servant Becca said...

Love it!!! He looks great as a pirate -- maybe more in character than a princess...