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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Carter--11 months!

The countdown's on until Carter's 1st birthday!!  I seriously can't even believe it!  Probably because Carter's so small or maybe because I don't really want this time to fly away too fast, I dunno.  Either way, this first year almost over already!

Updates for month 11:

* Tooth #6 came in. (now he has four on top and two on the bottom)
* Waves.
* Claps.
* Is increasingly ticklish!  =)
* Copies you if you shake your head side to side.
* Has figured out how to open the kitchen cupboards by himself (they don't even have handles) and unloads everything.
* Can climb the entire set of stairs on his own, but he really doesn't have much desire {yet} to do them all the time/at all.
* Stands on his own for a few seconds and occasionally tries the one-step pass between the couches.
* Because of his lack of adequate weight gain I start supplementing him with formula for the last couple months until he can drink cow milk.  So now I nurse him 2 times (morning, bedtime) and give him a bottle 2 times (lunch and afternoon).  He loves his bottle, holds it himself to drink and plays with it.
* He eats about half and half table food and baby food.  
* He's no longer content with Puffs and Cheerios--he wants what we're eating!
* He celebrated his first Thanksgiving.  We cheated a lot and gave him things that did have egg in it.  He loved the sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, and broccoli casserole!
* He sleeps through the night most of the time and wakes in the morning between 7 and 8am.
* We dropped his evening cat nap.
* After waking from nap, he snuggles his head on my shoulder when people {usually Daddy} say(s) Hi to him.

I didn't get great pictures but there will be a couple coming!  So thankful for this little guy!!

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