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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The kids first theater movie!

I've been waiting quite awhile to take the kids to their first theater movie! But they scare pretty easily at most movies that are out there, so I was waiting for something I knew they'd like.  Tangled, the movie about Rapunzel and her long hair, came to our little theater in town, and I'd heard nothing but good about it, so I thought we'd give it a try!  We met Kevin in town straight off of work, had a quick dinner at Quiznos.  Then we dropped off Carter with friends who live a block away from the theater, and he pretty much went straight to bed while we were in the movie.  We dropped him off, drove to the theater, and I went to his seat to get him out and I was actually scared for a second because he wasn't there! LOL Not very often I don't have my little guy!  But we enjoyed...

The kids liked the movie pretty well (though they were scared of the mom), loved the theater experience, and are excited for the second Cars movie that is coming out next summer!


jaesi said...

like like like!
Im going to miss that little theater with its little prices.
But more- Im going to miss those sweet little faces.

please say you will come visit. please? please!

Sharon said...

How fun!!! That 1st movie is always so exciting. :)
We have yet to see Tangled. I look forward to it.