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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Did I really just write that with exclamation marks??  LOL  Snow finally came to our corner of Nebraska over the weekend.  Only about 6 inches.  But we got two snow days out of it.  No school Monday, and no MOPS Tuesday.  And finally yesterday we got the tractor running and the lane cleared.  So thankful for our 4-wheel drive vehicles!

Monday was THE perfect snow!  It surprisingly didn't feel cold and there was no wind, so we played out in the snow for an hour before we lost mittens and had to come inside.  The only downside was that the snow was too fluffy to build anything.  I was just about to try spraying water on the snow to see if that helped but then we had to come inside.  But oh, the kids had snow much fun!  

The rest of our week has been bitterly cold, as in 0.0 degrees cold plus wind, so we haven't been out again at all.  But the next decent day and we'll try out sledding!

eating the snow

snow angels

a little red in a whole field of white
pushing snow down the slide


crawling through the snow like they're trying to survive

love his smile

seriously, in all the time we were outside, they mostly just wanted to lick the snow!

It was so fun to watch Hannah play in the snow!  She normally HATES the snow and cold and wants to like it because Eli does but usually ends up coming in crying after just a few minutes. 

so much space to play!

Tuesday that snow started to blow.  Love the swirls the wind makes in the snow.

going out for just a couple more pics before the day's end

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Servant Becca said...

Beautiful pictures! I love seeing the kids outside having fun!!!