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Monday, May 16, 2011

Carter: 16 months


He's a busy boy growing up so quickly and definitely turning into a toddler!  Where has my baby gone??!

* He's still very much into my kitchen cupboards and drawers.  When hungry he often goes to the cupboards and pulls out the cereals to eat.  Now I try to keep it locked.  
* He's also found out about my drawer of Saran wrap and aluminum foil and little plastic baggies!  And of course... unrolls them and pulls them all out!  AWESOME!  Just try to catch him right away on that one!  =)
* Loves to climb in and out of the kids' little chairs now.
* Big motivation in life is to sneak into the bathroom, any bathroom, to splash his hands in the toilet.
* Also will find his way up the stairs if the gate wasn't shut all the way.
* Is starting to do better in the church nursery, but still gets anxious around other people, including daddy.
* Likes to put things away now, and I'll ask him to put his sippy cup in the fridge when he's done and heads straight for it.  We open the fruit drawer for him, since that's the right height for him, and he tosses it right in and is so proud of himself and claps!  He's also a great little helper when we pick up Legos and cars and other little toys!
* Still doesn't have a lot of words, but his big brother was exactly the same way, so I'm not concerned.

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