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Monday, May 16, 2011

Always full of surprises

When Eli was outside one day playing with his kitty, he found another little kitten, a little bit smaller than the last litter, hiding under the bushes behind our house.  I was SURE it was a new one because it was short-haired gray and the other two grays we had were long-hair.  But then after that evening I just didn't really see the kitten again.  And then several days later I would.  I suspected the white and yellow cat was the momma this time but I wasn't for sure.  I never really saw it with the kitten, and I was never sure if Little Gray was going to survive or where it was.  But the last couple days it's actually been out more with the kittens.  In the garage still.  It's smaller than the others and not frolicking about like the others, but it's at least present.  And I've seen our calico mama nurse it, so I know it's being cared for.  And my, is it another cutie!! So surprise, we DO in fact have another kitten!

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