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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Our newest bunch of kittens are out now!  After their birth, mama moved them to a huge cardboard box in the garage and they've stayed there for the last several weeks.  We peek it on them periodically, watching them grow.  Then yesterday when Kevin's Aunt Sheila was here for a visit, we were going to go look at the new kittens, and Eli came back to the house reporting that they were out of the box!  I said What? and we went out to see. And sure enough, all the kittens are out and about now and crawling along the ground garage!  

Eli's sort of adopted one of them, the one that was brave enough to be held.  I asked Eli if he should name it, and he came up with Meesa.  By the way, he can really come up with some unique, beautiful names!  So meet Meesa...

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