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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Preschool Track & Field Day

Wednesday Eli's preschool had track and field day, hosted by Head Start, with all the other local preschool classes, totaling something like 200 kids!  Each class got a different colored T-shirt, although there was another orange team like ours.

Once I finally got into Eli's head that it was TRACK and not tractOR rides, he got super excited, and all week he was talking about how he was going to win the race.  We'd talked about having a good attitude and having a fun time regardless, but he was still set on winning. I'd prepped him that there was probably going to be several other events than just running, but he was still disappointed when there was no running races at all, just GAMES. The football field was covered with super-fun things like jumbo croquet, hoola hoop things, sack races, mini hurdles, and tons more!  Our class ended up leaving after the snack break (not really sure why??) so we missed several more events.  But the kids had tried so hard and were getting pretty worn out as it was! Although we did go to the park afterward for more outside fun!

Eli's class, his teachers are in red sweatshirts

Hannah got to hang out with her friend Olivea

the first event: hit the ball along the ground with the foam bat thing.  Or just run with it as Eli started to do.

this was all during Carter's normal naptime, so I pouched him in my Ergo, and toward the end he finally fell asleep.

All the kids got medals.  Eli was so proud.


Holly said...

he looks like he had so much fun!!! I wish I could participate, that looked like a pretty awesome time :D Tell Eli that Aunt Holly and Uncle Paul are proud of him too!

bp said...

Looks like such a fun day! Those little hurdles are cute.