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Friday, April 1, 2011

When Daddy's away...


With Kevin working so much, I've been busy keeping the kids occupied with fun things.  I'm pretty sure I've said that before.  The kids also take turns laying for nap next to sleeping Daddy, or going to bed in Mommy's bed at night.  Not always.  But sometimes.  Last weekend I planned a living room sleepover.  I'd just taken apart Carter's crib (we never used it anyway) and his mattress had been laying out when I got the idea that we'd bring down Eli's and Hannah's mattresses  too (they're soo light and easy to move) and do a sleepover after movie night.  We waited til Carter was put in bed for the night and had a fun night together!  As I recall, last time we had a sleepover on the floor-floor I slept horribly.  This time having the mattress I slept fine! (I added a couch cushion to make my bed longer) We had so much fun!  This Outage, we're making it!

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Kelly said...

Such a great idea!! Your am amazing mommy!!