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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

a handsome picture of Eli while I'm taking a test-picture

our babies!

love these three!!

This year Easter was a little different. Being in the midst of Outage we just really couldn't plan anything as a family.  The kids and I decorated Easter eggs, but we tried the Pearlescent package which really is just dropping the dye directly on the egg and smearing it around with the provided plastic glove baggie.  So I pretty much did all the dying and didn't get any pics.  Won't be doing that package again--didn't look like the picture on the box at all and the eggs stayed really sticky.  And when peeling the eggs to EAT, the dye comes off all over your fingers.  So anyway, we DID eggs.  And we also did some Easter projects that week.  But the actual day of Easter we didn't have plans, other than me singing in church that day.  Which was perfect BECAUSE we were invited to celebrate the day with Pastor's family.

And we had such a wonderful wonderful day!  Complete with FABULOUS food, excellent dessert and coffee, an afternoon walk as a group that ended up at the park, games, laughter, and conversation!  Finally at 8:30pm I decided I really HAD to get the kids home for bed!  Hopefully next year Kevin can be a part of the fun!

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