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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Carter: 15 months

How fun is this background! Nevermind all the wrinkles I didn't bother to iron--it just takes WAY too much time and effort for just a monthly picture! (ever try ironing with a 1-yr old around?  Holy STRESS!!! Afraid to set the iron down even for one second to adjust fabric/clothes for fear that he'd knock the whole thing over onto himself!)


* No more bottle. Drinks from a sippy cup full-time now and will even take other sippy cups when he's at other people's houses.
* Learned how to drink from a straw, specifically from a juice box.  Don't know yet if he'll do the big straws then.
* His new favorite thing to do while I'm unloading the dishwasher is to set in his sippy cup (or a vacuum attachment, ya know, whatever) and close the door.
* Has same sleep patterns: Morning and afternoon nap, bedtime 7:30.
* No new teeth though he's biting on his fingers like he's got some coming.
* Loves him a game of peek-a-boo especially if you're laying on the couch with a blanket over you.  He'll come over to peek under the blanket.
* Loves to play with his gumball machine or toy airplane, both have balls you drop in.
* His favorite toy is a ball, any size, and will flap his arms in excitement.
* Still has major stranger danger but there are a couple select friends he does fine with.
* Is cautious about step-downs even if it's little like a crack in the sidewalk.  But if I'm there, he just walks over the edge with no fear.
* Loves to brush his own teeth.  (with the help of mommy)
* Now he signs "all done"
* Words: mama, dada, ball, bye-bye
* Waves bye-bye to people without prompting.
* Learned how to do a summersault and did it again and again, laughing hysterically in between.  Now he doesn't really do it at all.
* Weighs 22.5 lbs and is 31" long. At his appointment it also showed he has an ear infection, even though he's show no symptoms or fussiness!

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