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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The count is 8.

2 yellow kittens  - 1 yellow kitten + 2 new kittens (white and calico) + 3 kittens (black&white, gray, white&yellow) - 1 yellow cat - 1 white cat + 4 new kittens. 

Mama cat had kittens the other day.  This time I actually had some warning.  I had noticed she was looking a little fat, so finally one day I asked Kevin to pick her up and see if she felt pregnant.  He reported that indeed she seemed to be with "child".  This time I knew that cat gestation is quite short so I should be prepared for delivery soon.  The maternal instinct in me KNEW she'd pick the stroller in the garage as the place for her babies to be born.  I had JUST told Kevin, "I think we should clean out the garage. I just know Mama Cat is going to have her kittens in the stroller."  Well, he's busy working right now and it didn't happen and sure enough, 2 days later, kittens are born (we noticed in the morning that Mama Cat wasn't up at the house waiting for food, like normal) and where is Mama perched? The stroller.  I couldn't see kittens for sure but I could tell by the way she was just staying there and seemingly hovering over something in protection that she'd probably had her babies.  Later in the day we got the slightest glimpse.  

Mama has since moved her kittens to the huge box that was for our deep freeze.  And finally today I peeked in on a nursing session and counted 4 little kittens.  Can't remember the colors.  Gray, 2 tabbies, and a black & white one maybe.

Later in the day when I saw Mama Cat out in the yard, I stuck in and got these pictures during cat nap
 So here we are again, less than a year from last spring's delivery. I love watching animal mothers with their babies.  It's nature at its finest. And we welcome these little kittens with excitement! {We might not keep this litter because more kitties >> more food.  But for now we'll enjoy their presence and watching them grow!}

Mama Cat of all these kitties

the runt of them all.

gray cat again

the pretty white and yellow one

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