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Monday, March 14, 2011

Hannah's drawings

I posted the other day about ELI's drawings.  Now here are some of Hannah's!!

octopus family.
snowman family.  and she could definitely tell you which one is which.

And another one of Eli's that he drew that day too...

Holly was coming that morning and he wanted to draw a picture for her.  So this is a picture of Holly, and in the bottom left that's Claire on the Dr office table (no idea why??).  I don't know what all the letters are at the top of the paper are.  But he pretty much spelled Hannah's name all on his own without help.  He actually kept adding a lot more words after I took this picture.  Starting on the bottom and wrapping up the right side he wrote "Eli made this picture".  I love that he's getting so good at writing his letters! 

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