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Monday, March 14, 2011

Carter: Golden "Birthday"

14 months!!


* CAN drink from a sippy cup now but sometimes I still give him his bottle because he does better with it.  Need to just fully switch.
* CAN drink other things besides just milk if we need to.
* Gave up on the high chair battle (him constantly standing in it) and moved him to Eli's booster seat and got back out the tray for it.  It closes so closely to his belly, he aint going anywhere!  Although now he likes to drop his food on the floor, particularly when we're having dry cereal. *sigh*
* Tooth #8 came in.  Bottom right.  So now he's even, with 4 on top and 4 on the bottom.
* New words: bubble.  When I try to get him to say "Eli" he says, "Lllll".  Making an L sound his favorite right now.
* Naps 2x a day with bedtime at 7:30/8pm.
* Mostly wanders around the house all day following everyone, but he especially loves playing with balls (big or little, it doesn't matter) or books or the play kitchen.
* Dislikes: being laid down for a diaper change, mommy leaving
* Definitely in the stranger danger phase.  I have a difficult time leaving him in the church nursery without him just being a blubbering mess and needing to be returned to me.  And when I am working in the nursery, oh boy, I better not walk too far away or he starts crying!
* Can sit in our lap through almost a whole movie with the rest of the family, which is fun because he's otherwise constantly on the go!!

He's such a happy, silly, curious little boy!  We sure love him bunches!!!

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