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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shrine Circus!

My survival technique for getting through this year's Outage is to just plan lots of fun things.  Could be as simple as a lunch date or meeting at the park with friends or a trip home to see family.  It keeps the days passing, things to look forward to, things to share afterward, and we sure have a great time in the process!  So when I saw that the circus was coming to the city, I just HAD to find a way for me to get us there!  Big events like that are a bit much for me to do on my own with the kids.  From crossing the street to potty breaks with EVERYONE in tow to getting snacks, etc etc etc so I convinced the grandparents to come with us, and I do believe we all had fun!!

while waiting for the show to start the kids got to go down the big inflatable slide and do a pony ride.  You could also ride the big elephant but we passed on that one.
the kids' first pony rides.  they were both so brave!

Eli got in the last ride right before the show started!
all ready!

the show started with the chicken dance

The Shriners doing the chicken dance

Then all the motorcycles rode through

There was a live band playing throughout the performance

the ringmaster

one of the performers

acrobats.  they were pretty incredible.

and a lasso/rope guy

the spinning mouse wheel type thing

along with this were trampoline tricks, box juggling, and a short clown act


and the dancing elephant

three dirt bikes racing around in circles inside that metal sphere

the finale

What a great show!  The kids were captivated, even Carter who kept pointing at different things he saw!  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa for coming with us!!

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