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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 Adventure List

I was greatly inspired by my friend Whitney when she told about the adventure list her kids write each year and they as parents try their best to DO as many of them as they can!  I love adventure, I love outings, I love letting the kids make choices about what they'd like to do.  So in starting a new tradition, we wrote our own.  There were things that I wanted to do too, so everyone in the family got to pick 2 or 3 things to add to the list.  I want the kids to know things that us adults like too.  Hannah and Eli both picked some things on Carter's behalf.  =)

So here it is, places we want to go in 2013:

1. A water park. "One that's allowed for babies and older kids."

2. The zoo.

3. Something like a pumpkin patch. Haunted house, jumping pillow, etc

4. The fair.

5. Children's museum.

6. Train ride.

7. Carter's ice cream shop.

8. Backyard camping.

9. Waterfall.

10.  Beach.

11. Geocaching.

12. Bike trail.

Here's to a great year of adventures!!

1 comment:

alisha said...

Love this idea! We may have to do this too. We did a similar thing this last summer and listed about 25 things we wanted to do this summer, but I like the year long idea too. And I really love the geocaching idea on your list -- super fun activity that we love - and now with smart phones it's way more fun than trying to use a fancy camping GPS! Lots of fun for the whole family!