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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Party time!

Carter and Hannah have birthdays exactly 1 month apart, and being unpredictable winter months and a decently long drive for the families I've "struggled" with whether to have a joint party (which I don't like doing, I want the kids to each have their special days) or how to do it.  So this year I tried something new.  We had one party back home and one party will here.  So Carter's party was at my parent's retirement house.  I never know quite what to call it--their house that they own and are fixing up and will live in when Dad retires in Mom-knows-the-countdown. They were so gracious to share their space!  And it was actually quite fabulous! A huge bulk of the work (prepping our house for guests) wasn't part of the equation at all!  We bought simple decorations that were quick to put up, we ordered a HyVee cake so we didn't have to bother transporting one, and overall it was just a super easy party to put together.  

When getting preparing invitations, I asked Carter what he wanted on his birthday cake and he said Thomas. So Thomas the Train theme it was!
The menu: meatballs, coleslaw, crab cubs, and fruit salad.  I didn't notice til I was setting it out that it's all the same colors!!!  =S  Oh well, it tasted good!
Nothing like family gathered around the same table.
Cake time!

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