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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jan. 14

Even though actual party day wasn't until the following Saturday, we still had to make Carter's birthDAY special and great for him!

 He wanted to get dressed in this that morning. It lasted a whole two minutes. =)

Breakfast was cinnamon rolls and eggs.  (I have totally and 100% converted to the frozen rolls, thawed and risen and yummy and delicious that tastes like the real bakery! No more Pillsbury for me!) Kevin was off so he got to enjoy the day with us. AND it so happened that Eli had to stay home sick that day, so we got to have the day together. At first I was bummed cuz it meant we couldn't out that night but it actually turned out pretty nice. 

After I dropped Hannah off at preschool, Mommy came back with a balloon delivery.
 He got to open a gift from a friend
 Lunch was chicken nuggets, apples, and Cheetos.

Tried to get a picture with the birthday boy, but he didn't want to be in it, so I grabbed Hannah instead.
Carter's always asking for Pizza Hut when we drive by so that's what I planned for his dinner.  We brought it home instead. And watched a movie.

Another fun day in the books!  =)

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