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Saturday, January 12, 2013

December - Advent Activities

This month was FULL of fun activities leading up to Christmas! As I mentioned on my personal blog, we did a countdown calendar with a family activity each day, along with the unwrapping of a Christmas book, and a Bible story reading.  We truly had a fantastic season, celebrating the coming of our Savior! We created a lot of fun memories and reinforced our family's traditions and beliefs about what Christmas means. It seriously is so much more fun and meaningful as the kids continue to get older!!

These are some of the highlights...

stringing a popcorn garland. They did sooo well this year and stuck with it WAY longer than I thought they would! Eli actually finished it!

 decorating ice cream cone Christmas trees

opening a Christmas "book" that was actually a nativity puzzle

Hannah and I went on a mother-daughter double date to see the Nutcracker Ballet with friends.  She LOVED it and it was a most special day!  With the flu having hit our family that week, we BARELY were able to go, but we did and I am sooo thankful!!

 a Christmas dice game

 the preparing and mailing of our Christmas cards. We created an assembly line for each person, including Carter, to have a job. They were FANTASTIC helpers and this project was done in no time, and they liked feeling like they were at a real job! After this we hopped in the car and dropped them off at the post office. The kids each enjoyed dropping some in the mail slot!

Christmas trivia game

 enjoying looking at Christmas books on a quiet afternoon

A VERY cold snow day!! The big kids only played outside for a few minutes and Carter didn't make it out the door at all.  So we brought the snow IN and the kids had a grand time!!

Back to the Advent activities... We listed what we are thankful for. And Eli wanted to hang his on the tree.

And we decorated Christmas cookies that we could then bring to Hannah's Christmas program the next night.

Before Eli's Christmas program

And Hannah's

 Kevin's 32nd birthday.

Write a Christmas poem

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