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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Carter!!

Wow.  I can't believer Carter is THREE!  My YOUNGEST is THREE! My baby, our last.  *sigh*  Things are rapidly changing around here.  There is no more diaper cupboard. No more baby/toddler silverware in the drawer. No cribs. No need for a pack n play, or binkies, or baby monitors. Board books are gradually getting phased out to make room for longer stories. And booster seats are optional (at the table). We are officially making a new step in parenting. Just a taste of the next phase.

But Carter, my sweet Carter. This day is about who HE is and where he's at in life right now as of January 2013.

* Carter is nearly fully potty trained. Except at night, and we don't push that one. He was pretty easy, and the hardest part of it was ME remembering to take him, or ME deciding to stop putting pull-ups on him.  HE did great, and we are all so proud of him!! 
* Carter has never been super verbal.  Chatty and communicates well but not really in fluent sentences or anything, as is familiar with many of our little friends.  (I try not to compare, but sometimes it's hard not to!!) His words and clarity have improved a great deal over the past couple of months though, and he speaks in 4-word phrases at most.
* He has a very delightful and silly personality. Quick to smile and never very serious.  He's shy around strangers sometimes but other times seems he's saying Hi to everyone.
* His very biggest struggle is sharing (imagine that) but he's otherwise pretty obedient and helpful.
* Of the kids, he's one of the biggest eaters. And besides cheese and tomatoes, there's not much he doesn't like.
* He loves cars and trucks and trains and diggers. He's gentle with baby dolls. He loves sledding down the stairs in a pillowcase. He loves the trampoline. He loves books, play dough, helping in the kitchen, or cutting with scissors.  He's a busy little boy indeed!

We are overflowing with joy!!

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