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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas - Round 2

Every year our Christmas Eve traditions include new jammies and the watching of The Nativity Story.

The next morning Kevin had to work but he agreed that we could still open stockings at least.

the kids' treasures. (the wrapping paper scrap reveals which presents under the tree are theirs)
 H's: glitter paint, notebook and pens, a soft wallet, Dora computer game, tattoos, gum and candy, balloons (which we then blew up) and a DVD

 C's: glitter paint, candy/gum, DVD, balloons, a soft wallet (not pictured)

 E's: glitter paint, eraser, key chain, Diego computer game, gum/candy, soft wallet

And these I forgot to put IN the stockings! But at least remembered that same morning! Bedtimes passes for them to each stay up an extra 20 min when redeemed. They loooved these and wanted to use them that night so they could do Christmas when Daddy got home from work! I assured them that it was a holiday and they could stay up later anyway. So sweet.  Eli and Hannah redeemed their coupons within the first week though.  Love how they treasure that extra time together and will try to remember to give them as other gifts as well!  =)

The rest of Christmas day we had fun, although we were reaaaally anxious for Daddy to get home!

 we colored
And got tattooed
 Made snowball cookies.
 Assembled puzzles.
 And played games.
 It was a perfect Christmas Day, minus Daddy!!  As soon as Daddy got home, the kids were excited for him to open his stocking!
and get a tattoo
We had a Christmas dinner of a roasted chicken and potatoes and whatever other traditional feast foods! =)  And then opened presents! This year for each of the kids we gave "something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read".  We kept it really simple and the kids were still delighted!

A good day, for sure.

BUT that same night, Hannah lost her first tooth!!  At the age of 4! It really was loose on its own and getting super wobbly so when Daddy got home, he took care of it and twisted it out of there!  Hannah decided to keep her tooth instead of giving it to the Tooth Fairy for money.  To that we said Okay! What a big girl!!

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