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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Years Weekend

When Christmas with the Brown family was over, we came home ....without kids!!  We try to arrange a kid-free weekend at least once a year sometime roundabouts our anniversary (Jan. 8th) so New Year's weekend it was!

We didn't get anything actually planned, so instead of doing nothing at all, I thought it would be nice to just come home and enjoy the QUIET! Sleep in, get some projects done around the house, see a movie a two, and eat out.  It was all perfect and sooo relaxing!!  Because it was home, it didn't feel like we HAD to be DOING something.  It was very refreshing!!

But we, however, kind of have an inability to be still.  A project came forth.  The living room carpet.  Kevin's been wanting to pull it up since the time we pulled up the office carpet.  But I've been wanting to leave it because I like the neutral color it provides and don't super prefer the bright orange color of that woodwork that's there.  But I finally agreed and we got to it.  

Here's the BEFORE.  It kind of all got a lil makeover.

In process...
staples, staples, and more staples. pulling these was a majority of the work!
 this was just a sample of Phase 1 complete! But more to come...

After a day trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart, phase 2 is complete, and all is done!
(for this time)


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