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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The new office.

We've been doing some rearranging around the house lately. Nothing major, just slight adjustments. It started with a desk, I guess. We have a laptop and usually it was all the time either sitting in the couch where there is little air flow for it or on the dinner table where it could get spilled on. So we found a small and inexensive desk at Office Max last time we were in Omaha, and it fits nicely in the corner of the room. We just moved the piano over a little bit and put the recliner in the corner next to the piano. Okay, so computer problem solved! A nice, designated place for the computer and printer and computer airport and hard drive aren't all skattered around the house anymore. Now for project 2...

The other change we wanted to make was to move the TV into the living room (and out of the office). As much as I love not having it in the living room, it was pretty impractical when it came to watching movies because all we had was the recliner and then one person had to sit on the floor. Not ideal when we have two perfectly comfy couches in just the next room. So we took down our big TV/desk armoire, and got a flat screen TV we can mount on the wall of our living room. We're still working on getting that set up so no pics of that right now. But now that the armoire is out of the office we wanted to put up the French doors again that have just been sitting up in the attic. To put those on though the carpet needs to come up. While we hadn't planned on pulling the carpet up downstairs until the kids got older, we decided to go for it with just the office for now. So that was yesterday's project.

before (it looks pretty nice like this! it's not usually this clean!)
a spin of the room. by the way, that thing under the window there is just a radiator cover, came with the house
outside view, no French doorsin progress...
ta-da! the carpet came up pretty easily (so I say, though I'm not the one who did a shred of work!) and the hardwood underneath is in beautiful shape! see!French doors back on!
Now that the TV is out and doors are up, we have a nice room we can actually call an office or a study or whatever! A quiet place for Kevin to go for a few minutes after a hard day of work, a room for important phone calls, and one room in the house that won't get taken over by kids! We still have the French doors open most of the time right now for air purposes, but just to know the possibilities counts for something! So there ya have it folks, another house project complete!


Kelly said...

The floors are BEAUTIFUL!!

alisha said...

Looks great!