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Monday, August 31, 2009

A FUN weekend!

Friday night was family game night at our church, complete with a huge spread of food and lots of fellowship.

Saturday evening was a post-school party with Kevin's coworkers.

And Sunday was an air show at Oufitt air force base. Actually I have aunt and uncle that live just a few minutes from base so we were able to go hang out with them for the afternoon and watch the show from their balcony. Kevin and I went to one of their air shows when we were first dating 10 years ago so it was fun to go back! I love these things! My favorite pics of the day as we did a little play and a little watching...
while we were waiting for Blue Angels to start the kids and Linda had fun running down this little hillwell, if you're gonna watch airplanes all afternoon then of course you have to fly like one!
I assure you, no one was hurt in all of this
my sweet children

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