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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fun-filled fair festivities.

Monday and Tuesday of last week was our county fair! Both days started with a parade in which the kids and I walked with our MOPS group. Monday I pushed the kids in the stroller and Eli helped throw candy. Tuesday Eli watched the parade with daddy and caught candy while I carried Hannah in the pouch and walked with the rest of the group. Monday we waited in line to get fair food. And Tuesday since Kevin was just getting off work before the parade we met him in town and had a picnic in the park before going to the parade. Both days we got to enjoy a little bit of the rides. Two rides appropriate for Eli's age. The big slide was the first and we got to sit and watch it while we waited for-ever for Daddy to get back with our hamburgers and hot dogs. I didn't get a lot of pictures of the fair because low light + motion = blurry! But here are a few to represent the night.
ride #2: boats!

one more game and finally one Hannah could play too! good ol' rubber duckies. The ducks they picked allowed them to each pick a ball. So now we have two kickball-sized balls, one pink and one blue. It was a good thing we left the fair when we did because we got rained on on our walk back to the church where we'd parked before the parade. Thankfully Tuesday since we'd met Daddy in town after work we had his truck right there at the park so we didn't have to walk all the way back to the church again to get the van. A fun week but two days of the fair was enough!

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