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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Storm damage.

When we returned from our weekend home, we came back to lots of storm damage with another storm rolling in behind us. I mentioned it here. And now here are some of the pics. It's really nothing compared to all the damage done in town. I sure am thankful!

We drove the truck around the yard piling all the big branches in the back. Then I spent the next two days picking up a MILLION twigs in preparation for mowing. Seriously, it was a handful of twigs every square foot! Now today I think I can finally mow! Oh yay...

more branches
some large branches blew out into the field
my sunflowers
I planted sunflowers all along the side and front of the barn. Only a few sprouted and none on the front side, and just as they were starting to open, the storm came through and smashed 'em.
beauty in this midst of it. (thought I'd better a take a photo of my lone sunflower before it too wilts or gets destroyed!)

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