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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Same thing. A whole new look.

Remember this? This was a laundry room that is now our dining room. You've seen all that before.
Now look at this. We did a really mini project yesterday. Can you tell what's the same between these pics and the last picture?
Yup, you guessed it! The mirror. When we took it down from the "laundry room", I knew pretty much right away that I wanted to put it above the piano. And lately with our rearranging we've just been waiting until we knew the piano was in it's final place before mounting the mirror. I really want a frame for it and spent the last several months searching for one, but a frame of such size does not exist unless I were to custom frame it. So it really would be much cheaper to just find a whole new framed mirror of similar size. But until then, this works! What do ya think??

Now I just have to find a new way to set up the picture frame that's on the left side of the piano top. The "flap stand" got totally weak and bent and now I don't really know how to make the picture frame stand up. Any ideas, anyone??


Kelly said...

Just an idea... If you are sure that's where the mirror is going to stay, you could get some scrap trim (wood) and nail it around the mirror and make it look like it has a frame. That would allow you to paint the wood whatever color you choose.

paul said...

Since you don't need glass like you would when framing a painting, you might find that a custom frame doesn't cost as much as you think. If I remember right from when we had Holly's large painting from China framed, the glass was the most expensive part. A framer should be able to give you an estimate based on the dimensions and the frame style that you choose.

alisha said...

to go along with Paul, Hobby Lobby often has half price custom frames too.

Servant Becca said...

For the picture frame that lost its zip for standing up, maybe you could use one of those little easels to set the frame into. I think the easel is meant for plates or something like that...

Anonymous said...

It looks like your frame has a beveled edge, which means it's 'finished' without a frame (as opposed to just a blunt-cut, which looks less polished). You might not need to invest in a frame at all.

As for the frame...duct tape! It can cure anything :)