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Thursday, August 13, 2009


The day after Katie and Kyle were here we headed home for the weekend, and while there we picked up two new kittens from Kevin's Aunt Sheila. These two are both female so next year we just might be getting our own kitties! Watch out!

I don't like cats at all really but this one is awfully pretty and cute. I just might actually like this one!
this one is never just sitting around and kind of mangy looking, so it's been hard to photograph but there she is
and just so it doesn't feel left out here are
a couple pics of cat #1

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crystal said...

They are cute cats....and that one does look like she would be a good cat to start off with...lol...my husband didnt like cats for a long time but now he loves them. It just took one good kitten to break his heart..lol.