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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

10 Months

Hannah's 10-month update:
* Celebrated first Thanksgiving
* Stands up on everything now and crawls around like a speed demon.
* Bathes in big tub with Eli now.
* She waves, does "so big", nods yes (though I don't she means it), and claps her hands.
* Climbs stairs.
* New foods--broccoli, chicken, corn, plum, grape, pineapple, nutri-grain bars, crackers
* Favorites--crackers, nutri-grain bars, juice in rice cereal, climbing around in rocking chairs
* Dislikes--diaper changes, getting out of the bath
* Wakes up once or twice in the night and goes back to sleep on her own the first time and is fed the second time, then goes back to sleep until 8 or 8:30. Takes two 2-hr naps a day.


Sharon said...

Wow!! Happy 10 months!!
All I was thinking is "no way she's already 10 months old!"

Amy said...

Look at all that hair! It's beautiful!

Julie said...

She's goregeous, Sarah!! She has So much hair and it's so pretty! :)

I am SO happy for ya'll!!! Kevin's job is such a wonderful blessing. Praise God!!!

Talk to you soon,

Love you!