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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

House update

Whew, after many calls back and forth on the phone with the loan officer, real estate agent, insurance company, and loan officer #2 (because of death in the family with the first one), and many faxes and overnight shipments of paperwork, we finally have closing on our house tentatively set for January 5th. That was supposed to be Kevin's first day of work but when he called to find out what his hours would be like that day, he was given the option of changing his start date to the 7th. (I guess their new workers are all starting different days.) So that actually works out really well for us. It's two more days of no pay but it will relieve a lot of stress and a hotel stay since Kevin will be able to stay in the house itself. Then we're trying to arrange for the movers to come that Saturday the 10th when my parents can help out watching the kids while we get the house put together. So that's the update on that. We're so glad to finally get some things set in stone instead of just waiting around for an indefinite amount of time! Continue to pray that God would work out all the details, everything would go smoothly, and our kids would handle the transitions well. Thank you!


Julie said...

YAY!!! So excited for you!!Can't wait to hear how everything goes for ya'll. :)

Keep me posted!

Sharon said...

CONGRATS!!! I'm happy there is an end in sight to your stress.
We've been non-stop on the phone, too (or I should say my dh) between the mortgage guy and our realtor. After enough back & forth we were able to seal in at 5.5% fixed. THAT is an answered prayer!

Congrats again and good luck!