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Saturday, December 27, 2008

My favorite Christmas photos

You can see more photos HERE but these are my favorites...

pictures from my dad's church
Christmas Day
Hannah's first lil' hair bow (purchased HERE)
sweet smiles from Eli
We had a lovely Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at my parent's house so I could go to the church service (the kids were already in bed so Kevin stayed home), and we'd be there to celebrate in the morning. Eli woke up first and he read books and went through his stocking with Grandpa. Then Hannah woke up and joined in on the stocking fun. We don't do Santa but stockings are fun anyway, filled with miscellaneous treasures. For Eli they were two board books, a snowman finger puppet, Cars stickers, a cookie cutter, and a screwdriver with candy inside. And for Hannah they were a pair of mittens, a first-Christmas ornament, a cookie cutter, a board book, and a teething ring. Then we had a delicious breakfast of egg casserole and cherry coffee cake. Once everyone was showered and dressed then we opened presents before Hannah to go down for morning nap. Eli was sooo excited and helped everyone open their presents. And Hannah, well, she's still too little to really care. But she was definitely checking it all out and getting into stuff like she does. Then we got snacks out for lunch which included this yummy cheesy spinach and artichoke dip, garlic olives, pretzal rods, caramel popcorn, grapes, and more! After lunch then we headed off to have Christmas with Kevin's family. As soon as we arrived they were ready to do presents! We didn't open (or even wrap) most of the presents that Kevin's family got for the kids. They're kind of big and all need assembled which we are not going to do right before we move, and don't want to teeze them by giving them a toy they can't play with. Sooo we're just waiting to give those presents until we're in our new house, which hopefully will just be in a week or two! But this one of my new favorite toys that Hannah got, it's just so her. =)As soon as presents with Kevin's family were over, the kids were off for their afternoon nap. Then Kevin's extended family came to join us for a full Christmas dinner with ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, and everything followed by more presents. We joked that it was the Christmas that never ends! It was definitely a loong and tiring day, and I decided that we just might not be able to do it all in one day in future years. But it was a wonderful day nonetheless and we were so happy to spend the holiday with family!

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alisha said...

Sounds like a very nice Christmas Sarah! I can't wait to hear more about your new house!! Keep us posted!!