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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Notice: Missing cat!

Yup, one of kitties has wandered away. Monday was only a half-day for Kevin at work and when he went back outside in the mid-afternoon, only one cat was around and it was meowing like crazy, like he does when he can't find his friend. We looked all over and just couldn't find it anywhere. Kevin even took a little drive down the road to see if he could find it and had no luck. It's been a couple days now and he hasn't returned so I assume it's gone for good. Who knows... We'd been letting them out in the morning, roam during the day, and then back in at night. But I guess it was time for the one kitty. The one still here is still meowing lots, seeming kind of lonely. It's sad, but we also knew this might happen, as they are just "farm cats". So anyway, that's the story! If you see a lost kitty, let me know! haha (as if ANY of you live even close to us!)


paul said...

Awww! Poor kitty! I hope the one who stayed behind will get back to being happy before too long.

Anonymous said...

This makes me really sad...... I feel so bad for the kitties, one who doesn't have his best friend anymore and the other who could be crazy hurt or lost and doesn't know where to go... Awwwwwww!! :(