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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sunday sundaes!

Kevin's family stayed over night with us on Saturday night and were there with us then on Sunday morning for breakfast. So we got up and started right away on bacon and pancakes. We put blueberry smily faces on Eli's pancakes so they would look just like those in a Curious George book we just read a couple weeks ago. But just as with his Lightning McQueen cake, he really didn't care one bit. *sigh* Oh well... We had breakfast with all the family and soon after, they left for home since Earl had to work later that day. We could've rushed and made it to church but instead we took a slow morning and relaxed a little after the busy day Saturday and got the house back in order for the party we were having later in the day.

playing with his new diggerand the new sandbox which he hadn't seen yet

Sunday's birthday party was with our friends from church. One of families didn't show up so it was just us and the Avery family! They have three kids, two of which are the same ages as Eli and Hannah and the third only 3 months, so we all get along very nicely! It was a perfect day outside so we played outside and set up card tables in the shade for dinner. We had hamburgers/hot dogs (no lobster like my friend Kristen!), potato salad, pasta salad, and jello fruit salad with ice cream sundaes for the birthday treat!

the whole gang--Eli, Kevin, Ren, Seth, Jorja, Tessie, Hannah
let's not forget Baby Thad who was taking a snooze on the couch!It's been a long time since I've had a fully loaded sundae and this was GOOD! Ice cream, strawberries, caramel, chocolate, whipped cream, and sprinkles! Yumm!Jorja (pronounced Georgia)
Jorja and her balloon she got to take home. She's such a pretty and sweet girl!
Another FUN day! Happy birthday, Eli!

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