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Friday, May 14, 2010

Carter--4 months!

Let's see, the updates for this month...

* Outgrew the cradle so he either sleeps in the pack n play in the guest room or if it's a cold night or Mommy's extra tired he ends up in bed with us
* Wakes up at least once, usually twice in the night still
* Mostly sleeps in the bouncy seat for naptime still with his ocean sound machine
* Is a terrible napper and almost always wakes up 45 minutes (or less!) into his nap
* Smiles and coos all the time, and laughs a little
* Is just starting to reach for toys
* Has a tight grasp, especially on Mommy's hair
* Has his hands in his mouth all the time
* Started to suck his thumb for a couple days earlier in the month but hasn't done it since
* Has a yucky rash under his chin and on his neck
* Especially loves to watch and smile at Eli
* Likes to arch his back into the couch when he's happy
* Is almost rolling over back to tummy
* Buzzes lips
* Will have his 4-month Dr. checkup and shots on Monday

Dr. appointment measured him at 15lbs 1 oz and 24 3/4 inches long!
AND he has eczema like his momma and big bro!
Otherwise happy and healthy!


Sharon said...

He is just the cutest thing. I love his chunk.
Aidan used to get a rash like that. Drool rash? (was for him) Aidan cut his first 2 teeth at 4 months. I suppose that explains the drool!

Good Luck at the dr w/ him! Happy 4 Months!

Jen said...

Carter is adorable! And I think even though he has his own look, he looks a lot like Eli in those pics. Your dining room is looking great! You will look back on these days of raising babies and remodeling rooms and wonder how you did it all. I wish we lived closer, the kids have been begging for some kittens....are you keeping them all? Take care!

Jen Emert

In Light of the Truth... said...

Jen - I don't think we'll be keeping all the kittens. I kind of liked the gray one though but I don't know. The mama cat took them to the upstairs part of the shed the night they were born so we haven't seen them since. And it'll be several more weeks til the kittens will be old enough to be up and about. We'd love if we could give you a couple of them though! =)

Jen said...

Good thing you snapped that picture when you did! Oh, I wish you could give us a couple, too! Nothing like a good farm cat to keep the mice away.