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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dining Room, Phase 2

Phase 1 was all the demolition. See here. Now we're onto the rebuilding. I've been trying to document the process...

gutted + a little insulation
insulating + new flooring is already down
observing and learningup goes the first piece of drywall
all the drywall is up except that on and surrounding the brick wall
even after all the time air chiseling the plaster off the brick wall it still wasn't at all flat enough to glue drywall, or use furring strips, so we had to build a frame for a new wall.a very important part of the process: coffee
after a long and difficult process the drywall is all done! very hard to do when your room is not at all square! but Kevin did a great job!
starting the mudding and where we're at now
It's so exciting seeing it all come together! Verrrry sloooowly, especially since it's been so cold and wet, making it take fooorrreeever for each coat of mud to dry. We're plugging along though!

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