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Friday, May 7, 2010

Could it be???

Last week when I was mowing the lawn I spotted something blue waaay out in the field across the road. I thought to myself Nooo, could it be?? And I stopped the mower and ran inside for my camera. I put on my biggest lens and ran to the edge of our yard and snapped a picture. Then I zoomed in on the picture in my camera. And I thought Yes, I think that's it! So I got Carter who was just waking up from nap, put him in his car seat and we drove about 1/4 mile up the road, pulled off as close to the mystery blue spot as I could which happened to be a tractor field access anyway, and I took another picture and zoomed in on it in my camera, and Sure enough! That's it! I'm sure of it! That's really it!
I was so excited, I couldn't wait for Kevin to get home from work so we could tell him about it!! The second he was home we met him out at the truck, piled in, and drove out to the field to retrieve what we thought we'd never see again!
Our baby pool that blew away in this awful storm last August decided to blow back!! I KNOW it hasn't been there all this time because we have still been looking for it and wondering what some poor farmer was going to think when he was out working someday and came across our very misplaced baby pool. We even tromped our way through the fields best we could and never could find it, but last week it was sitting there in the field very visibly. It had returned. =)

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jaesi said...

oh my gosh! how hilarious. awesome.