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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Holiday Concert

A couple weeks ago the kids had their Christmas programs. The same night, the same time, in two separate towns. And Kevin had to work that night. So Grandma and Grandpa came to the rescue so they could take Hannah to her program and I could attend Eli's. I couldn't stand having our family split like that.  I want to spend great effort through the years having the kids support one another in their activities. And if that means we can't sign up for certain things, then that's how it'll be. But for that Friday night, that's how it had to be.

Being a school program, of course Eli's choirs couldn't sing about anything ACTUALLY about Christmas and Jesus. It was some goofy program about Santa in the 50s. But the great thing to watch was Eli participating and having fun with it. Such joy.

After the elementary kids were done with their portion of the concert, there was an intermission so parents could retrieve their kids from their classrooms. While there they took a few class pictures.
Look at Eli. You can tell he's getting so comfortable in his own skin and proud of his class. I'm so proud of him and happy to watch him grow!

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