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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The NEW current project!

The attic project rolled us right into the next project. Isn't that how it works? =)  Using boards that were on the attic walls, plus a few boards off of the barn, we decided to make a new dining table, 8 ft farm table style.

We have a very nice dining table that we purchased after our move to Connecticut. But even if with the leaf in it, it can only SQUEEZE 8 around it. For birthday parties we often have several more than 8 people. But setting up the square card table at the end of an oval table just makes for an awkward fit. And lap type of meals doesn't work well for much of our family members. So we've been browsing new table options but just not quite finding what we were looking for.  

And then. We came upon the idea of the farm table style. We saw some nice ideas online. We found a guy somewhat local that makes them. And then I found wood from the attic. And said to Kevin, YOU can build it. I KNOW you can! So we he found a plan, modified it a bit. And to work we he went!

We brought the boards inside and layed them on top of our regular table, just to get an idea for size and style.  I like this rustic style but it doesn't really match the rest of our house, so we'll be staining it dark to match the floor.

 This giant bench has been in the attic since we moved in. The table still won't be quite as long as the bench, but close enough. Instead of fitting inside the legs of the table, it will still stick out longer, but whatever.

 Now here is the table in actual building process...

the box for the skirt, or apron, (the under edge of the table) is made and the support boards are all in place. Just like the box frame for the bunk bed, except more narrowly spaced and instead of being inset for the mattress to sit down inside, the support boards are placed flush with the top of the table.
Planks are all glued and screwed. The boards from the attic were interlocking, so that's where they're also glued and clamped. The leg posts are also cut and in place but not actually attached.

 table top has been lightly sanded
 sample stain piece laying on top
 the top has been stained, the bottom apron part is taped off
Now the apron has also been stained, spots have been touched up, and clear coats are ready to go on! Then the legs will be prepped and stained, the table pieces will be moved upstairs to the dining room and assembled there. The goal is to have it ready before Carter's (and Hannah's?) birthday party.

More to come...

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