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Thursday, December 22, 2011

In case they never get posted...

... in October I took the two little ones to an AWESOME pumpkin patch with some MOPS friends. There was sooooo much to do there, all appropriate for small children. It was a bit chilly at first, but then the sun came out and we had a grand time!

... in early November we participated/hosted a fall family scavenger hunt for Hannah's preschool class. My friend Nikki and I spent quite a bit of time preparing in the weeks prior, collecting pine cones, and feathers, and acorns, and pea pod thingies, and leaves of different colors and shape, and caterpillars, and pumpkins, and apples, and corn, and measuring devices, and pencils. It ended up being REALLY windy that afternoon for such an event, and the leaves we'd spent so long collecting and even pressing blew away instantly, BUT the kids and their families had FUN and had a good learning experience in the midst!

... we spent Thanksgiving weekend in Minnesota. It had been a couple years (since before Carter, for sure) since we'd been up there, and since Carri and Lucas couldn't come down that weekend, we went to them! We had a fun time! Carri had thought up some fun activities for us to do while we there, and we spent a morning at House of Bounce and an afternoon at a Christmas Tree Festival.
Carter was playing ball with the boy. But the other boy had no idea. lol
Hannah's favorite tree

this was Carter's FAVORITE tree. he wanted to just sit and look at it.
we don't do Santa but the kids wanted their picture with him anyway

While we were there I also got to visit my good friend Emily!
And then on the drive home, we stopped in Des Moines to visit my friend Amanda!

... Kevin had a birthday. He turned 31. Eli often tells people that randomly. Kevin was working nights then, and he happens to love breakfast food, so as soon as Eli was home from school we enjoyed a breakfast feast together, complete with eggs, muffins, sausage, hash browns, fruit, and goblets of orange juice.

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Emily Clarkson said...

So fun!!! All of it- so fun!!!