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Sunday, April 28, 2013

April Update

Spring soccer ran thru this month, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. This season both Hannah and Eli played.  And both loved it.  Eli's gained a lot of confidence since the fall season. And Hannah, she was cute in her outfit but thought she was doing well. Bless her heart. =)  Several of our games got cancelled because of cold rainy and snowy weather. So thankful we didn't have to be out on the field those nights. And also thankful the season is wrapping up so we can just have fun free time this spring/summer.

No childhood is truly complete without sledding down stairs in some way. Could be on cardboard, could be via a sleeping bag, or could be with a mattress.  That's precisely our method: the extra crib mattress. Just as I've been about to pass it on, it's come in handy during illness and a child ends up on the floor of our bedroom.  But this day it was a sled. It involved danger and loud and rowdy, right before bedtime. But it also involved laughter and sibling teamwork and fun new memories I couldn't say No to. 

My favorite 5-yr old learning to ride on two wheels.  She asked, we removed training wheels, and she went! She did better learning on her own than for us to hold the back of her bike. So proud. 

And now not quite 2 weeks later, she's a pro!

First hike of the season. In honor of Earth Day, but also just for fun.  I've had a need to get out in nature, and looking at the calendar, it was going to be awhile til Kevin had a free day, so I decided we'd just go without him this time. We brought all our gear--water bottles, binoculars, magnifying glass, map, camera, animal tracks guide, and a picnic lunch. Off for a grand adventure!

Hannah's preschool field day. It got postponed a week due to weather, which worked out nicely because then Kevin was off and able to attend too!  Eli was bummed to miss it cuz of school so he asked me to take video clips for him.  So I did.

Kindergarten roundup. Hannah is sooooo ready for kindergarten. Ready for more structure, ready to read, ready to be a part of a regular classroom. I am beyond excited for her. Today was her practice day, for the a.m.  She chose to ride the bus with Eli. There was not an ounce of nerves in her, at least from what I could tell outwardly. And she had a great morning, asking if she got to stay in kindergarten now or had to go back to preschool. Sorry, girl, but you gotta finish preschool and then after the summer, you can start kindergarten.

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