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Sunday, April 21, 2013

March updates.

Eli's first-ever sleepover {outside of our own home}.  While it really did feel weird for this mama to go to sleep with one missing from her nest, Eli was good guest (so I heard) and had a great time!!
Some really fun family memories:
Family campout
in the living room

 Family Pictionary

Time at the skate park, running up and sliding down the ramps

 A mass flock of field visitors, snow geese.

Everyday sweet faces (with bad haircuts, I might add)

A day at the local pond

A spontaneous lunch date with one of my favorite people, the day before our joint birthday. So fun how that worked out!

My 30th bday!
30 gifts, one each day, from my BFF here!
yup, this BFF who also surprised me a grand "party" with some more of my favorite people with my favorite pizza.  =)
 my actual day was spent my top 4:
 The pictures are still in Kevin's phone but we spent the afternoon at Amazing Pizza Machine in Omaha playing games and riding rides. Then Paul and Holly kept the kids for a couple hours so Kevin and I could go to a nice dinner just the two of us. It was such a great day/weekend all around.

The month ended with Easter. We dyed eggs, did church, celebrated Easter afternoon with another church family, and hunted candy and eggs.  Love Easter.

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