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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hannah's Bday/Vday

I'm way way behind in the blogging business. Ya see, I used to blog while watching a movie or something. But now we stream shows via Amazon or something, and I can't upload blog pics at the same time without causing the streaming to lag. First world problems. =)

Sooo... back to Hannah's birthday which was 3 full months ago!

New tradition I made up: Birthday girl got the jackpot aka all the change from my wallet. (I needed to clean out anyway, it was getting heavy)
 We did some baking since it's one of her favorite activities.
This is us. If you couldn't tell.
Daddy brought her flowers. Hopefully the start of another new tradition.
We had a nice candlelit meal as a family for Valentine's Day.
And ended the meal with sherbet punch in fancy glasses.
And ended the day with sweet surprises from Mama. Thanks to Pinterest, I made homemade scratch cards. Their gifts were things like getting to play a game with me, or staying up extra minutes, or getting a piece of chocolate.

Fun day. =)

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