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Monday, October 19, 2009

Forget the list!

We're going outside to PLAY! This is the first we've seen sun AND it's warmed up enough to go outside for more than a couple weeks straight now! It's still a little bit breezy but nothing to complain about! It feels so open now that the field's been harvested!Okay, I'm really NOT totally clawing Hannah in this picture!! I believe I was just tickling her!
very cute!
LOVE this one!
totally loving the sky in these


Servant Becca said...

Those pics are such fun! Thanks for sharing!!!

alisha said...

Adorable! Many of those are ones you could blow up and frame! I love it!

We've had great weather here too the last few days... what a great difference it makes in the attitudes of me and my kids!

The Locket said...

Wow, Sarah! I think you've found your next calling! Great work here! I especially love the story the last one tells!!! Miss you lady!