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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There and back again.

This past weekend the kids and I went to Oklahoma for my cousin Matthew's wedding to his lovely bride Samantha. It was a "short" trip. We left Thursday and returned Sunday.

It was a bit of a rough start to the trip. The kids did O.K. in the car, the drive was horribly looong and boring (definitely no car BINGO this time, there was literally nothing to see for miles and miles and miles), it poured rain the entire 9 hours making for lousy driving conditions, and half-way there I realized I'd forgotten our entire bathroom bag carrying all my hair stuff, makeup, shower things, glasses, etc as well as our pack-n-play for Hannah. Soo... as soon as we got to our destination, we hit up the Walmart and I re-bought everything except a curling iron since I have no need for another. Ugh! Let's hope I never forget our bathroom bag again, because it cost a lot buying it all at once! But at least now I'll have everything on hand already when we run out at home.

I thought all hotels these days used pack-n-plays as their "cribs" but apparently this one still uses these old school ones. It's smaller than a pack-n-play, has a crinkly "mattress", and sits high with that bar across the middle. I decided to try Hannah on the floor instead of her sleeping in that thing, afraid she just might be able to climb out. And what can I say, she's a big girl! We had no issues with her not being confined in a bed! I imagine it helped having the room so dark since there were no outside windows in our room. What a relief that it worked so well!
the kids having their morning milk, watching cable
instead of having a big window in our hotel room, we had a sliding door that went out in this atrium/pool area. The pool was fenced off with tables all outside of it. All the family's rooms were right off the pool so we could use the atrium as our hang-out area during the day. Perfect for the kids' bedtime and naptimes and a place for the kids to run around a bit!
Friday we didn't have any plans except for the rehearsal dinner we were invited to that night. It was much too cold to go outside to a park or anything, and I didn't want to stay in the hotel all morning either, so I surprised the kids by taking them back to Walmart to ride all the quarter machine rides. Eli loved it, Hannah was terrified. She did have fun though, as long as the ride wasn't going, and that's the important part.

With the wedding at 2pm on Saturday I really needed to wear the kids out fast, so they'd be able to nap super early. So what better way to tire them out than to let them go in the pool! Again, Eli loved it, Hannah was terrified. After several attempts with Hannah I finally had my mom take her to just play forever in the bathtub while I stayed in the pool with Eli. My dad helped too and joined us. We all had fun! And it certainly worked because the kids both napped at 12pm without a fuss! And by 2 we were ready to go again!

wedding day!
programs were in Spanish, ceremony was done in English with a Spanish translatorseriously beautiful bride
beautiful reception
my cousin Christina (groom's sister) and I
On base there were free fire safety hats, pencils, etc sitting out, so I made sure the kids got some lil' hats. Here are my two little fire fighters!
I love Eli's cute innocent face in this oneEli calls it "fire truck man"


crystal said...

Sounds like you and the kids did really well! What hotel did you stay at because that is just awesome! And yes, I believe if you were in the boring part of Oklahoma, it is very boring...you should try the other half of it...much prettier...and the other half of Kansas isnt bad in places. :)


crystal said...

Cute pictures by the way :)

bp said...

I enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing the pictures. The little fire fighters are so cute!

Is that sunflower made with twinkies? And what else? So neat!

Barbara T said...

Sarah, you did such a wonderful travelogue and pictures! We are so glad that you and the kids were able to be there.

To answer bp's question about the Groom's cake - yes, the sunflower was made with twinkies. They were awesome to dip in the chocolate fountain. BIG sugar rush. The center of the flower was just a little round cake, and the "seeds" were chocolate chips. Someone at the church was VERY creative!