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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin patch!

I love fall, and I especially love the traditions that come with the season! One of my all-time favorites is going to a pumpkin patch every year. Hay rides, picking a pumpkin, getting cider, and attempting a family photo. This place gave a hay ride all the way back to where the pumpkins were (it's a huge orchard). It was a fun ride, however, Eli got stung by a little bee or something, so we were kind of distracted with keeping an eye on it, despite the fact that Eli said it was okay. And when we got to the pumpkins I felt a little rushed because the hay ride was waiting there for us to take everyone back. So we found our pumpkin and only snapped a couple pictures before getting back on our ride. It was a COLD afternoon but the sun did come out for us! Thank you, God! We've been praying all week for some sunshine! We had a fun time, and now we're looking forward to going to another pumpkin patch in a couple weeks with our MOPS friends! But for this time, here are the pictures...
The rest of the family looks surprisingly awesome in this pic, but I'm in mid blink here! Grr...
The windmill outside the store building had Eli's name on it!


jaesi said...

Grrreat pics. A must use on a christmas cards.
It looks worth it to me to go. Did you buys any produce?

Sharon said...

You took some awesome pictures! You are so pretty.

I love the pumpkin patch. We went last weekend, and it just made my day.

How ya feeling?

crystal said...

Awww...Looks like yall had a wonderful time (with daddy there too!!!! ) Wonderful pictures!