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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gingerbread houses!

Sunday afternoon after church we headed up to Omaha for a visit with Ward, Linda, and Kara. Linda had planned gingerbread houses for the kids and we had so much fun!

Hannah actually did a pretty good job decorating... until she discovered candy! She loved the skittles and marshmallows and starting popping them left and right! =)
lookin' pretty good!
you can't decorate with candy without tasting some of it!
Hannah's finished house
Eli's finished gingerbread train
The boys are playing with the electric train that's around the tree. As you could imagine, Eli LOVED it! Thanks for getting that set up for us, Ward!
I loved their Christmas tree! So beautifully decorated!
The kids are playing with their new toys they got as Christmas presents. Eli's down low getting a good look at his new truck.And Hannah's checking out her little baby doll.
We still had the car seats in the truck from Friday's Omaha outing to get the van serviced, and I sure am glad it worked out that way because we had a good amount of snow on the roads coming home Sunday night! I felt much safer knowing we were in a 4-wheel drive vehicle, especially seeing how many cars had slid off the road! We had a great visit though and once again are so thankful to be close to family where we can short visits like this!

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crystal said...

Oh so Adorable! Now I want a gingerbread train! lol. This may sound stupid, but do those come in kits like the houses or what? I have never seen one before! Love It though!!!!!