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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our own little family Christmas.

Before we left for home to celebrate Christmas with grandparents and other family, I wanted for us to have our little family Christmas here. We stuffed the stockings, let the kids open one present each, and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of strawberry cream cheese butter braid. So we did our little Christmas on Tuesday morning on Kevin's day off.

Under the Christmas tree...
I love filling stockings! For Hannah I found a lil' purse notebook, a small box of crayons, stickers, Hello Kitty playing cards, a set of mini Christmas books, and a $1 pink apron. Most of her things were thanks to Target's dollar bins! Love that place!
For Eli I found a Thomas the Train magazine activity book, stickers, mini tape measure, I Spy Christmas book, and a blue and red kitchen apron.Uh yeah, imagine Hannah's face at end of Eli's tape measure there. I was standing too close to get her in the picture. She was a good sport about this whole scene though.
Hello Kitty playing cards. Aren't they cute?
Some train track pieces for Eli. We're always missing some special connector pieces when building his track, so this small set contains mostly those. A Doodle for Hannah.
After all this we then had a morning-long debate about whether to drive back home or not. With freezing rain coming followed by heavy snow and knowing Kevin had to come back in the middle of it to work Christmas Day we just didn't know...


Sharon said...

Your family is so beautiful. It's picture-perfect. :)

Where did you find Hello Kitty cards? They're too cute!
And my Brennan has the same pjs as your Eli. Cute.

The candlelight dinner is so nice to the eyes. I know it's not what you planned, but it seems so warming.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Thank you!! The Hello Kitty cards were from Target dollar bin I think. And yes, I'd noticed too that Brennan has those some pjs. =) And I LOVED all the candlelight moments! Well, except for having to listen to Eli whine for about half hour about how he couldn't see Hannah's toy computer. Otherwise it all seemed pretty perfect, except for the absence of Kevin because he had to go back early for work.