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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kansas City Weekend Getaway

Because I'm at the end of pregnancy (6.5 weeks left, can you believe it?!,) we were pretty limited in how adventurous we could get with our activities. No ice skating, no hot tubs, no water slides. So we spent most of our weekend doing some shopping, walking A LOT through shops that are way too expensive but just fun to see, driving all over the city trying to find whatever we were trying to find, taking pics of the city, eating out, and going to movies. But it was so so wonderful!! A fabulous break from the strains of parenthood and a great opportunity to relax and just enjoy each other! Here's the breakdown of our activities and of course with lots of pictures!

Friday afternoon - stopped in the city of St. Joseph on our way to KC to shop at a Once Upon a Child for some winter clothes for the new baby. Ate at Red Lobster and continued on to KC and checked into hotel

Saturday - went to a Jeep dealer and just for fun test-drove a Grand Cherokee (they didn't have any 4-door Wranglers (manual transmission) on their lot, spent a looong time trying to find a shopping area with bigger stores like Target, ate at Chipotle for lunch, ran into classmate from college, did more shopping, then went to Union Station and Crown Center to walk around the shops, ate "food court" pizza for dinner, saw all the beautiful night lights of that downtown area, then went back to hotel to park, walked to Country Club Plaza, walked around all their little shops, went to New Moon movie

Union Station
inside Union Station they had a huge display of electric trains. very cool! didn't make me think of anyone specific at all, nope. =) And to think we only went inside to get change to pay for our parking! so glad we did!view walking through sky walk aka "The Link" from the Union Station to Crown Center
Inside Crown Center
old man brass quartet
huge suspended Christmas tree
a chocolate store
whole big display of a gingerbread village
pretty outside lights
the ice skating rink
they call this the Mayor Christmas tree

Country Club Plaza (our hotel was about 6 blocks from here so we walked here a couple times)
Sunday - breakfast out at nearby restaurant, fabric store and a little more shopping, parked at hotel, pictures in the park, afternoon movie, walked around plaza, Japanese Steakhouse for dinner, Cheesecake Factory cheesecake to go, bummed at the hotel

our couples pics we took in the park with our tripod

Monday - packed up, IHOP for breakfast, back home!


crystal said...

Sarah, Beautiful pictures...and looks like yall had so much fun! Glad you enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a magical time! Trains and lights and parks.... So glad the two of you could go and enjoy it.
Barbara T

alisha said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm so glad you were able to do that!

Kelly said...

We staued at the Crown Center a couple years ago for a Real Estate Convention. We loved walking through the Link to get to Union Station. We went in Feb. I would love to go back at Christmas time!!

Angie said...

Fantastic pictures Sarah!
It's been a while since I've been able to visit! My how your family has grown! :)

Have a blessed Christmas!