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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hannah's big-girl bed!

We're down to 8 weeks (ish) until Baby comes, and it's really starting to set in that the time is closing in and I'm realizing all I want to get done! Kevin had the day off Thursday so it was my goal for us to get the baby's crib together and convert Hannah's bed all in the same. I'd been debating about how to arrange the kids' beds, whether to switch Eli to a twin and move Hannah to Eli's bed and the baby into the crib, or what to do. When a friend was anxious to get rid of their old baby crib, I finally decided that I'd take it and let Hannah stay in her pretty white bed and use the toddler rail. I realized if I didn't use the toddler conversion for her, it would never get used since, for space reasons, the Baby will go directly to a twin bunk instead of any sort of toddler bed when he gets to that stage. So Thursday was Hannah's big day, and already as we were taking the front rail off and getting the new rail assembled, she kept climbing in her bed, saying "I love it!" She's done great about staying in her bed at sleep times, and we've had no issues at all. So it's official, she's a big girl now! I can't believe it!

Eli really wanted to be in the pictures too! =)
And here is the boys' room, all ready to go!

Now to buy newborn diapers and a tiny hat, get out the ol' car seat, and all the other little things it takes to get ready for a new baby!

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crystal said...

So cute and Hannah is getting so big! Oh they grow up way to fast....Praying everything goes smoothly for you over the next few weeks...It does seem like there is a lot to do before a baby is born..