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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kids' Christmas pics

It only took 84 tries to get these 10 pictures, but I think they turned out pretty cute!

Merry Christmas!!


Kelly said...

I LOVE the last one!!

jaesi said...

Adorable as always. I love how they smile with their eyes!
The one where Eli is hugging Hannah and they are both looking down is my fav :)

Erin said...

So cute!!! Shiloh had those shoes in her previous shoe size. Loved them!!

In Light of the Truth... said...

I also adore the little shoes Hannah has right now, and I can totally see Shiloh in them too! We've gotten lots of compliments on them!

Chris said...

So cute! Anna has those cute little shoes too, we LOVE them as well. Might have to go buy the next few sizes up :)